The Emperor’s New Clothes

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Most of you are familiar with Hans Christian Anderson’s tale of an Emperor so vain and easily duped, his tailors dress him in “invisible” fabric. The Emperor parades around the land, daring his subjects to point out his nakedness, because he believes only those with a keen eye for fashion can appreciate his new duds. Naturally, everyone oohs and ahhs. The Emperor was never in on the joke. Enter Kendall Jenner.

The year is 2016. Kendall has access to the world’s most beautiful and technologically innovative clothes. She owns the catwalk in both the ready to wear and couture seasons and is the darling of Olivier Rousteing and Karl Lagerfeld. Anna Wintour and Vogue awarded her the highly coveted spot on this year’s September cover and regularly feature her on She is applauded the world over and by thousands of devoted social media accounts for her personal style. We worship her. Yet she runs around half naked.

Aren’t we foolish?