The See-Now-Buy-Now Experiment

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Luxury labels like Tom Ford are shaking up the fashion timetables and experimenting with See-Now-Buy-Now business models. Traditionally, designers show their clothes a full season before they will be available for purchase in stores. High-street fashion stores like Zara and H&M have always sold in season clothing and designers are starting to catch on. How will this new business model affect the brick and mortar and online department store buyers’ relationship with the brands? How can these brands possibly fulfill the buyers’ orders in such a short turnover? Moreover, will this lead to more overstock if designers are too optimistic with their production? Or, will they be nervous and underproduce and drive up demand that leads to bidding wars on ebay?


Update Sep 8:

Tom Ford’s runway presentation from last night is already available this morning on Bergdorf’s website. This leads me to believe that buyers saw these clothes and placed their orders several months ago. Were the editors given the same sneak peak? Does this new business model make runway shows a mere formality? The shows are an expensive marketing tool for designers to build excitement and demand for their product for several months before the clothes become available. As consumers, we see the show images online and in magazines and build wishlists and obsess over them for months. Where’s the excitement and anticipation in See-Now-Buy-Now?